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Company : Spiral Graphics A little bit about us, and how we started

On a dreary day in early March of 2009, the idea of a new company in the world of MX graphics was born.

A gap in the local market, and frustrations with competitors products made it an easy ideal to start a new company that was focused on customer service and a quality product. Something we saw lacked in pretty much every other graphics company within the UK. Be it 3 week lead times for the simplest set of backgrounds, or a product that wore out after one ride or worse, ended up on the floor.

Spiral’s name choice was a very quick brain storming session, the name back then didn’t have a meaning or a history. It was a simple choice as our main focus was to show companies out there what it can be like to have happy customers.

As the founder had previously worked for competing graphics companies throughout 2007 & 2008 the knowledge of how to make a great product was already there, the execution had to be modified, simplified and practiced.

Our first port of call was to get our name out there. One of the marketing ideas that made us somewhat famous was our “Free Hub Sticker” deal, which is still known to this day many years on. Nobody had done this before, or successfully since. We gathered our user base, and started to make a pretty good product at a reasonable price.

Soon we needed to expand as the workloads just got too high, and customer service was suffering. Larger premises after just 2 months, extra staff and new equipment where a must. Another 5 months and another expansion into again larger premises, more equipment and part time receptionist/trainee designer to help with the influx of orders. Over the next 3 years we saw a move to a more desirable location, double sized offices with warehousing and an increase in size for our manufacturing department.

Another doubling of size and the requirement of even more equipment and staff have brought us to where we stand today. This continuous improvement of equipment and staff has  been a long and hard process, but we have created something we are truly proud of.

We have come very far since that dreary day in 2009, working with the industry, teams & manufacturers, organising bodies, clubs, businesses, trade partners and even manufacturing for other graphics companies, that want to base their success off of ours.

With the launch of our new website, catalogue, and upcoming digital products, we still show our continual improvement and strive for success at every turn. This is the way we are, the way we love the sport, and the customers that have brought us to where we are today we thank you, and hope to continue seeing your names in the future.


Owner / Development Manager

Martin Downer


22 years in motocross, and still unable to prise himself away from the sport. Martin started SpiralGFX in 2009 and has progressed it to where it sits today. Roles include product, brand and systems development.


“The Boss”

Owner / Office Director

Martin Downer Snr.


Co-founder and now director of operations in the UK office. Known as Senior for name clarification, he currently mans the production side of SpiralGFX as well as being financial director.



Shipping & Dispatch

Sean Radcliff

Office Manager

Sean has been at the company for quite some time and has helped evolve the brand, products and himself. The company now relies on Sean to manage the day to day jobs and keep systems running smooth.




Matt Lofthouse

Head Designer

Matt joined the team and has quickly worked his way into the head designer role. With his unique style and he’s able to produce styles to any customers requirements.


Jonny Bravo


Jake Preston


Jake joined the team in 2013 at our busy period and has shown the skills needed to keep customers happy and has a great design style.


JP57 / Amir Kahn